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Nourish your skin from within

Boost your body's collagen, naturally







100% PURE

Always natural

We believe that the best products come from nature. Our 100% pure marine collagen consists one one single ingredient that is Non-GMO and sourced from wild-caught Pacific Snapper.

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Why marine collagen?

Feel your best from the inside out

Supplementing with collagen daily assists in plumping fine lines, improving skin elasticity, firmness, and hydration. It also boosts hair and nail health, encouraging growth and promoting shine – all from the inside out.*

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Girl & The Sea 100% pure marine collagen contains one simple ingredient sourced directly from the sea. Our collagen is derived from wild-caught, Pacific Snapper fish and is 100% natural and non-GMO. You can rest assured our product contains no fillers, no additives, and no preservatives making it the cleanest protein available.

This environmentally-friendly, premium form of collagen is absorbed 1.5 times more efficiently than other forms of animal collagen. It is the most potent and effective way to naturally boost your body's collagen production.*

When taken consistently, results can be seen within 4-6 weeks of use that include healthier, fuller hair, reduction in fine lines, improved skin elasticity, stronger nails,  improved gut health and so much more!* 

  • 10 grams of 100% pure marine collagen per serving
  • All Natural & Non-GMO
  • Unflavored, tasteless, and odorless
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free
  • Perfect for Paleo & Keto diets
  • Easily dissolves in hot or cold liquids
  • 7.8 ounces, 220 grams, 22 servings per container


Every batch is tested for purity, quality control, and quality assurance and meets FDA regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices. 

        Beauty & Wellness Boost: Helps support healthy hair, skin, nails, bones and joints*

        Bioavailable: Digested and absorbed by the body quickly for maximum benefits*

        Easy To Use: Simply add to any warm or hot liquid, including coffee, tea, smoothies, and baked goods.

        Collagen peptides from wild-caught Pacific Snapper fish.

        Easily dissolves in hot or cold liquids and can be added to hot or cold drinks, smoothies, soups & stews and is great to use in baking recipes for added protein.

        Add a scoop to your morning coffee ☕️ for an added 9 grams of pure protein.

        Check out all of our collagen recipes here.

        Our Mission

        Care for yourself & the planet

        Our product is packaged in a BPA free, 100% recyclable container. By purchasing Girl & The Sea you are helping to support environmental stewardship. A portion of all profits go directly to organizations that focus on ocean preservation.

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        100% Pure

        One single ingredient that is Non-GMO and sourced from wild-caught Pacific Snapper.


        Our product is packaged in a BPA free, 100% recyclable container.

        Save the Oceans

        We support Oceana, the largest global organization working to protect the oceans.

        100% Guarantee

        If you are unhappy with your purchase we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

        Heather Barbieri | A.I. Dietitian | Trauma Informed Nutrition

        Why I love collagen

        Every time I tell people how old I am (42 years young 😜) and that I have adult children, it’s usually followed by an eyes-wide jaw drop look and then...⁣ “WHAT’S YOUR SECRET?!”⁣


        I dissolve 1 scoop in my coffee ☕️ every morning⁣. No you cannot taste it⁣. No I’m not lying to you⁣.

        ⁣And I LOVE this brand Girl & The Sea.


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        Zucchini Bread Smoothie Bowl

        This zucchini bread smoothie bowl featuring Girl & The Sea marine collagen includes easy-to-digest, protein, fiber-rich foods with a little healthy fat, checking all the boxes.

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